At Harvard, the fastest miniature robot in the world was created

Robots are different. Most often, after hearing the word "robot", we imagine an anthropomorphic mechanical being reminiscent of the latest developments of the famous company Boston Dynamics. But the concept given is much broader. Researchers at Harvard University have created a tiny robot milliDelta, which can not boast of what looks like a human, but for today it is certainly the fastest and most accurate in its class.

The very first delta-robot was used in 1985 at a confectionery factory and was engaged in laying out praline (dessert from ground almonds fried in sugar) in packages. Below you can see a video showing similar robots in production.

Thanks to modern technologies, developers have managed to reduce the sizes of the deli robot milliDelta tenfold. Instead of an electric motor, it is equipped with piezoelectric actuators. By releasing the voltage through the "manipulators" of the robot, scientists can bend and unbend them with incredible accuracy and speed. Below you can find a video that demonstrates the incredible speed of milliDelta and the accuracy of its movements.