Desktop humanoid - Fujitsu Unibo

Desktop humanoid - Fujitsu Unibo

Fujitsu also introduced the Robot AI Platform - a cloud network that is designed to connect people and robots. Cloud platform services include natural language conversation, face recognition, expressions, emotions and voice analysis. This system also has learning technologies that allow all of the above functions to improve over time.

"The platform is designed to connect people with each other," said Katsuhiro Tanimura, senior vice president of global business strategy for Fujitsu. "We strive to revive the public and business for closer coexistence."

Unibo can recognize users and set up conversations accordingly. It is a 32 cm tall robot that weighs 2.5 kg. He can move his head and hands. Equipped with touch sensors, infrared sensor, 7-inch full-screen display to show its animated face and other information, microphone, speakers and camera.

The price of the robot is $ 1400.

Fujitsu has worked with several companies to implement its Robot AI platform. In addition to Unirobot, iNAGO provided support with natural language understanding technology, while sMedio and Empath provided personal authentication functions, as well as mechanisms for recognizing faces and emotions.

Fujitsu and its partners are considering a number of applications for Unibo and the AI ​​platform. Care for the elderly and customer service are obvious opportunities, given the level of the aging population of Japan and the reduction of labor. Other bot features include home appliance control, work day planning, programming training and even kitchen help (finding recipes for dishes). Fujitsu also tests the system at Numazu Shinkin, where it is used to provide information about financial products and other services.

According to, Fujitsu also offers a kit from the AI ​​platform and Unibo robot for $ 5780. Along with other related solutions, such as consulting services focused on how customers can implement robots based on cloud computing, Fujitsu hopes to get from sales The profit of $ 267 million by April 2020.

"I hope that this offer from Fujitsu Limited will be the starting point for the distribution of robots, providing an entirely new approach to the robotic business," said Taku Sakai, representative of Unirobot.