In the Museum of Science and Technology on the Canaries appeared the humanoid robot "ADA"

Source: Noticia
Date of publication: September 22, 2017
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In the Museum of Science and Technology Elder in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the first automatic robotic humanoid named Ada appeared in Spain, the country's news agencies reported. The device, created by the Russian company Alfa Robotics, will act as a guide. Ada will be able to answer any question from visitors: her memory includes information about almost everything that is in the museum. Director Elder Jose Gilberto Moreno said that "for 20 000 euros, those who wish can get a similar robot for home use."

At the moment, Ada speaks 9 languages, but she can learn up to 45. Her battery life is 40 hours. The device is equipped with a camera for face recognition, therefore, to the visitors who came to her for the second time, Ada will address already by name.

According to the museum's leaders, the robot has a cheerful character and a sense of humor, which makes it ideal for meeting guests "employee." In addition, Ada will also conduct surveys to study the impressions of visitors.

The Elder Museum is famous for the fact that the Spanish premieres of the latest developments in the field of robotics are held here. So, in 2007 its visitors saw Robocoaster, a unique car of its kind, capable of transporting passengers and equipped with the most advanced traffic system at the time in the market.