Marketing dead? Long live robots!

In the competition for the buyer sellers use various options for advertising, promoscript, connect television, image advertising via the Internet, produce leaflets, invite promoters, including promoters in suits.Each option has its advantages, but also drawbacks, the main one of which is the need to invest a lot in advertising. The original way out of their situation is to rent ROBOT PROMOUTER. The advertising robot is mounted on the chassis, can move and even dance under the action of an electric drive. The mechanical assistant never gets tired, can function for a long time.

Undoubtedly, a promo robot will attract significantly more curious passers-by than a promoter-person. And communicate with the audience it will be more convenient than a promoter in a suit that is only able to give a potential buyer an advertising leaflet. Producers try to perform promo robots similar to people. The model has an interactive screen where viewers watch videos, photos from the Internet or a pre-loaded presentation.

Depending on the available functions, in the presence of several displays, a promiscuit can simultaneously show a presentation to interested visitors and communicate with the rest of the audience.

Mechanical promoters especially like children, so recently they are very often invited to children's holidays, preparing the appropriate program and media content.

The wedding business - ROBOT TAMADA was also interested in these technical innovations. The advertising robot at the wedding is no longer a novelty, it is the ROBOT WITNESS.

The scope of the promo robots is extensive: exhibitions - ROBOT SELLER - CONSULTANT, business events - ROBOT HOSTES, presentations - ROBOT PROMOUTER, store opening - ROBOTS LEADER, entertaining events - ROBOT ANIMATOR (children and adults). Rent of mechanical promoters is an advantageous business.