Swan Robots: Singapore's innovative step in water quality control

In Singapore, the Public Utilities Council, led by the Ministry of Environment and Water, announced that five robotic swans will be used in various reservoirs of the country to monitor water quality. The National Agency for Water Resources named these robots the Smart Water Assessment Network (SWAN). They will use a special technology to monitor water to collect data in real time. The agency developed them in the form of swans, so that they do not attract special attention and merge with the environment

According to the council, the devices will help the authorities to collect more data on such new water bodies as Serangun, Punggol and Marina Bay. In the old reservoirs of Cranja and Pandan, swan robots will be used to monitor the current state of water. With these steps, the board seeks to effectively improve the quality of raw water.

The Swan Robot uses standard sensors to measure water conditions such as chlorophyll, oxygen, turbidity and the amount of blue-green algae. The device has a wide range of functions, for example, water monitoring, selective testing of water, monitoring of pollutants, and early warning of deterioration of water bodies. The research team that developed the robotic swans assures that they are durable and they will not be damaged even if they encounter recreational vehicles or small boats